Kayaking Essentials Combo

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Aside from your kayak, there are three essential items that you need to get on to the water: a paddle, a PFD/lifejacket and a drybag. We've created a great combo that will see you safely on the water.

The Avanti Recreational Paddle is a great all-purpose paddle. The split shaft makes it easy to transport and the pieces connect easily. The shaft texture is comfortable in your hand.

The CEKR 12l drybag fits inside the 8" hatch of the Vagabond kayaks for safe stowage. You can also clip the drybag into the tankwell. A drybag is very useful to protect items like car keys, mobile phones, snacks and a warm top.

No wear PFD, no go paddle! Even in perfect weather and even if you are an expert swimmer, a PFD should be worn at all times. This X-treme Hunter PFD is a comfortable PFD/Lifejacket for paddling and fishing activities.

PFDs are available in six adult sizes and drybags are available in lime green or pink. Select your combination when ordering.

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