Vagabond Kayaks Backrest

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Vagabond Kayaks have released their new backrest, which they have custom designed for their recreational sit-on-top kayaks. It fits perfectly on top of the deck, behind the seat, of their Tsomo, Tarka, Kasai, Marimba and Mazowe kayaks.

This is a plastic, rotomoulded backrest. It is strong, robust and long-lasting. A detachable pouch fits into the recess at the rear of the backrest into which you can put snacks or angling accessories. Note that this pouch is not waterproof. The pouch clips to the backrest and is held in place by a bungee cord.

Adjustable straps connect the backrest using the multifit fittings and cliprings. The straps ensure that the backrest is secure and that it provides support.

Vagabond's sculpted seats offer a great deal of support already. This backrest will be appreciated by those spending a lot of time on the water, like bird watchers and anglers.