Swell Scupper 14

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Born in the USA, the Scupper 14 dates its heritage back to the 1980s when the first sit-on-top plastic kayaks were developed. Now, in the 2020s, the Scupper 14 is a fine-lookin' craft that offers a whole lot o' features and functionality, with stability, speed and comfort.

The Scupper 14 features paddle cutaways, faster deck drainage channels, a roomy tankwell with a flat area to hold a crate, and hatches for storage. 

What you’ll appreciate about the Scupper 14 is the easy-access hatch between your knees and the very large hatch opening in the bow.  

The Scupper’s footrests are adjustable. 

Scupper 14 has a fabric seat-and-backrest. The seat area is wide and can accommodate bigger paddlers. 

The Scupper 14 comes standard with gear tracks behind the seat and at the front of the footwell to attach any variety of fittings – from fish finder transducers to GoPros. There are two spots behind the seat where flush-mounted rod holders can be installed.  

The Scupper 14 comes standard or with a rudder.

Length 429 cm 
Width 65 cm 
Height 34 cm 
Weight 29 kg 
Ideal paddler weight 60-125 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 150 kg 


Scupper 14 is available in two colours: blue and orange