Ni-Glo Glow Stick (rechargeable)

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Ni-Glo is a battery-free, rechargeable glow stick that can be used to mark kit, tents, keys, equipment, personal property and even your kayak. It can be used to mark anything that you may wish to locate in the dark.

The marker quickly recharges by sun or artificial light sources like torches, LEDs and car headlamps. It will glow for up to 10 hours in darkness.

The Ni-Glo Gear Marker will begin to function after only 10 minutes of exposure to direct light but a longer charge or stronger light source will increase its brightness and prolong its afterglow.

Note that the glow is all the same colour (a lumo green/yellow colour). It is only the capsules that are different colours.


  • Dimensions: 5cm x 1.2cm
  • Can be repeatedly recharged when required.
  • Lasts up to 10 years.
  • No chemicals. Not radioactive.
  • Power and battery free
  • Different colour capsules