About Us

Just as a car and caravan, hiking boots and backpack with a tent open access to interesting, exotic and affordable holiday and activity options, so too does a kayak and tent. From dams and rivers, to lagoons, mangroves, estuaries and bays, a kayak gives you access to spectacular environments for sight seeing, birding, and fishing. 

We've been camping & kayaking for more than two decades. On these trips, without access to electricity and internet, we relish the opportunity to really, really getaway. We enjoy the company of friends and family, the activity of paddling and days spent on the water, and nights where we camp under the stars on the bank of a river where, it seems, no other feet have passed.

At Camp & Kayak, we combine the pleasure of paddling with the joy of camping and the products that we have selected are those best suited for one day, overnight and multi-day kayaking adventures.

From paddling gear to give you the best kayaking experience to camping gear that will ensure you are comfortable, warm, hydrated and well nourished, we have it here for you.