Kayak Sale

We're delighted to bring you great deals on Vagabond kayaks.


    1. Only kayak models, classes and colours that are in stock are available for purchase during this sale period. If a kayak is not in stock, it will be listed as 'Sold Out' or 'Unavailable'. If you are looking for a model and colour this is not currently active, please contact us directly with your request.


    1. Kayaks will be delivered to you by our courier. The delivery fee to Zone 1 areas (main centres and suburbs / towns within the courier's Zone 1). If you are in a Zone 2 or Zone 3 location, there may be an additional delivery surcharge of R250 - R500. Please contact us directly before completing your purchase.


    1. There are three classes of kayaks: Class A, Class B and Class C. Look at class and colour combinations for available items and their price.
      Kayak Classification
      Kayaks under Class A, Class B and Class C have different prices.
      Class A are standard retail kayaks.
      Class B have the same structural quality as Class A, but with some visual blemishes. These do not affect the performance of the kayak.
      Class C have the same structural quality as Class A, but with more visual blemishes than Class B.
      Visual blemishes may be scuff marks, a logo that isn't quite right, a blemish in the plastic or rough patches on the surface. These do not leap out at you, but they are there.


  1. It can be tough to decide on the best kayak for your needs. Compare kayaks by application and size. Contact us if you're undecided and on the fence.