Products, Availability & Pricing

Product Availability
We aim to keep stock on our shelves to dispatch to you as quickly as possible and this is reflected in our inventory. But, we can get it wrong and should a product that you order become out-of-stock, we will notify you directly. 

If a product that you would like to order is out-of-stock, please email us with your request so that we can ensure that you get one from new stock coming in.

Note that we have a two-week lead time on kayak orders.

During special sale periods, only kayaks that are in stock are available for purchase. Items not in stock are marked as 'Sold Out' or 'Unavailable'.

Product Information
We make every effort to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of products, as displayed on our website, are correct. Note that the actual colour or appearance of a product may be slightly different in reality to the images displayed on our website, despite our attempts to present the product as accurately as possible. 

Pricing Policy
Prices displayed on this site are subject to change and are updated regularly.

While we strive to offer excellent products for good value, we are well aware that good gear is not inexpensive. We know from our own experience that buying cheap means that you lose out on the quality, functionality and longevity of the product. With this in mind, we advise you to save for that extra month or two so that you buy right the first time and get to enjoy your well-earning purchase for many, many years and adventures.