ARK 40L drybag

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Drybags are kayak trip essentials! That last thing you want on any outing is wet clothing, soggy food or soaked bedding.

Made from 550gm PVC-coated nylon with thermo-welded seams, this ARK drybag is tough and durable. Use this spacious 40L volume drybag to keep your kits dry. It is great too for bigger items like tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Stow it in the tankwell of your kayak. 

Note: most drybags over 5L that are packed with gear will not fit through the hatch of your kayak, with the exception of the CEKR 12L and 20L drybags. This ARK 40L drybag is well suited to being secured on the deck of your kayak in a tankwell.

The top rolls down (remember to always roll at least three times) and it clips closed to form watertight seal and convenient carry handle. Use cord or tie downs to secure this drybag in your tankwell.

While ARK has other drybags sizes, we find this one to be the most versatile. Too big, and it gets difficult to find your gear and a bigger volume drybag that is full will also be heavy and difficult to carry. If you need more volume, rather go for two 40L drybags. Label them so that you can tell what is inside at a glance.

Take care of your ARK drybag and you will have it for decades!

We have selected the yellow ARK drybag for our offering as yellow is the lightest colour shade available (cooler in the sun) and it is very visible.