CEKR drybag 12L

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If you have ever struggled to get a drybag into or out of a hatch, you will be overjoyed to learn of the CEKR drybags. Cylindrical in shape, these drybags have been designed to fit into an 8" hatch - packed!

They can be stored in the hull of your kayak or in a tankwell on the deck. In the hull, use space in the bow and on either side of the footwell, seat and tankwells to distribute your gear.

These CEKR drybags are made from 550gm PVC-coated nylon with thermo-welded seams. They have a roll-down-and-clip closure that creates a watertight seal.

CEKR drybags are available in one sizes of 12L.

We don't recommend that you stuff these drybags solid like a pork sausage as they need to bend once though the hatch.

NOTE: Available colours may vary.

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