CEKR Spraydeck - Touring

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The CEKR Spraydeck is designed to fit keyhole-shaped cockpits, like that of the Endless sit-in touring kayak.

The purpose of this spraydeck is to keep you warm and dry both from splashes of water and the wind.

This CEKR Spraydeck is made from waterproof fabric. 

This spraydeck fits snugly around the cockpit. A 6mm shockcord around the seam of the cover to hold it in place underneath the cockpit lip. An aluminium implosion bar positioned over the paddlers knees prevents sagging. There is an emergency grab handle at the front should you need to quickly exit the kayak.

The bodice has a double row of elastic for a good fit as well as a drawcord for tightening. The webbing shoulder straps, which serve to keep the bodice up, have adjustable buckles. Wide elastic at the back accommodates movement.