Cockpit cover

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Also known as a 'fuel saver', a cockpit cover significantly reduces wind drag caused by an open cockpit while transporting your kayak on the roof of your vehicle. It is also a  waterproof cover for the cockpit against rain, preventing rainwater from collecting inside.

It also acts as a dust cover to keep your seat area free of dust and spiders if your kayak is not being used for a while. And, if you stash any gear, like your PFD and drybags inside your kayak during transit, it will keep them from getting blown out.

This keyhole-shaped cockpit cover for the Endless touring kayak or whitewater Vubu and Pungwe kayaks is made from a tough, UV resistant and waterproof fabric.

We recommend using a small carabiner to clip the grab handle to a strap on your kayak to prevent it being blown off while in transit.