Fire Maple Fire-Force stove

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The Fire Maple Fire-Force stove is a compact gas stove that folds up and is stored inside its own plastic protection case. This stove's burner directs heat onto the pot base for concentrated heat. It has a three-way wind shield on the burner, which helps to prevent wind from blowing the stove out once lit and to reignite itself in cross winds.

This stove screws onto a propane / butane gas canister (not included). These are available from gas, hardware and outdoor stores worldwide. 

The size of this stove is suited to use with pots of 1-2 litre volume. Time to boil one-litre of water at sea level is 6.5 to 7 minutes.


Output: 10236 btu (3000w)

Fuel: propane / butane (screw-top canister) - sold separately, not included

Size: Open: Ø123mm x 80mm; closed:  Ø70mm x 92.5mm

Weight: 103g