Good Sleep Combo

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Enjoy a good night of sleep when you choose this sleeping bag + liner + mat combo.

The Vango Latitude Pro 200 sleeping bag has a synthetic Insulite Helix fill to offer a sleeping bag that is balanced in weight, size and warmth for use through three seasons. Its temperature rating of 2°C means that a 'standard woman' dressed in tights, a long-sleeved top and beanie, will enjoy a comfortably warm sleep when the outside temperature is 2°C. Men tend to run hotter so they'll be quite snug at -3°C.

We always recommend using a sleeping bag liner with your sleeping bag to keep the inside clean and to increase the temperature rating. This Lifeventure Cotton Stretch sleeping bag liner is made from a 50% Cotton 50% Modal fabric that gives it stretch and a super-soft feel. At only 330g in weight, it is a small package with loads of benefits. On hot summer nights, you can sleep in just the liner. 

Sleeping mats significantly improve the quality of your sleep in two ways. First, they provide cushioning and support to prevent hips and shoulders from digging into the ground. They also provide insulation from the chill of cold seeping up from the ground. This JR Gear standard mummy 3.8 sleeping mat offers a great balance in terms of cushioning, weight and size. With almost 4cm of foam from this self-inflating mattress, you'll be set for a comfortable sleep.

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