GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press (copolyester)

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When you camp or take a road trip, you can still enjoy a great cup of coffee (or brewed tea) with this coffee plunger. 

A nesting inner sleeve with a filter base creates an additional wall of insulation to keep your drink hot. This sliding cylinder is more robust than the rod used by classic French Press designs. A foam sleeve insulates hands and coffee for a secure grip. The top is spill-resistant and it has a spout that can be closed. The base has a non-slip layer. 

This coffee press is made from copolyester, which is tough, versatile and chemical resistant.

Add milk and sugar directly to the cylinder to drink directly from it or pour into a mug.

Great for camping, kayaking, hiking, backpacking and road trips.


Materials: copolyester with a foam sleeve

Weight: 272g

Volume: 443ml

Dimensions: Ø10cm x 20cm