GSI Outdoors Glacier Commuter Java Press (steel)

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Enjoy a great cup of coffee (or brewed tea) when camping or road-tripping with this robust coffee plunger. This stainless steel coffee press is made for rugged outdoor use.

This clever design uses a sliding inner cylinder (filter mesh at the base of the inner cylinder) instead of the rod used by classic French press designs to make it more hard-wearing and durable. The canister is vacuum-insulated and wrapped in an insulating sleeve to provide superior heat and cold retention for up to three hours. The top is spill-resistant and double-walled, and it has a spout that can be closed. The base has a non-slip layer. 

Add milk and sugar directly to the cylinder to drink directly from it or pour into a mug.


Materials: 18/8 stainless steel

Weight: 510g

Volume: 420ml

Dimensions: Ø10cm x 22cm