LifeStraw Gravity Bag with Flex Filter

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Where you can scoop-and-drink for personal use by using the LifeStraw Go Bottle and you can drink directly from source using the LifeStraw Personal Straw, the LifeStraw Gravity Bag with Flex Filter allows you to filter a greater volume of water for cooking, mixing with hydration powders and cordials, and to share with other people in your group. 

Compact and light, this water-filter system will fit easily into the hatch of your kayak. It can filter four litres of water in about 10 minutes.

This is a versatile water-filter system that can be used four ways:

  • as a personal straw filter
  • with the included gravity bag
  • as an in-line filter with most hydration packs
  • attached to most disposable water bottles

Included are LifeStraw Flex Filter, 3.7 L Gravity Bag, quick-connect hose, and backwashing syringe.

  • Weight: 196 g
  • Gravity Bag volume: 3.7 L
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 L/min
  • Membrane microfilter lasts up to 2,000 L, pore size: 0.2 micron
  • Activated carbon + ion exchange filter lasts up to 100 L (replacement capsules are available)