Mountain Paws Collapsible Dog Water Bowl

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Outdoor adventures are made even more rewarding when you have the company of your canine (or feline!) companion. This bowl is just as functional for adventures as it is for everyday travel and outings. Keep a bottle of water and this bowl in your bag or car so that you have it on hand at all times for your thirsty pet.

This collapsible Dog Water Bowl is made from heavy-duty fabric yet it is still light in weight. It squishes down flat to fit easily into your backpack , handbag or a drybag. The inner lining is made from a waterproof fabric. After your dog has had a drink, ive the bowl a few shakes and you’re good to go again. The base is non-slip rubber.

The bowl has a loop on the side so that you can hang it from your backpack or to hang it up to dry. 

The small bowl is suitable for a dog up to about border-collie size. For bigger dogs, select the large-size bowl.