Soft universal roof rack

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To carry loads that weigh less than 30kg, this soft universal roof rack is ideal. It can be tied onto your roof in minutes and it is great for transporting kayaks as well as ladders, poles, timber from the hardware store, surfboards and bicycles.

This soft universal roof rack fits almost any 4-door car, as long as there are no roof rails in the way.

The rack comes as a pair and each unit has two 'tubes'. Each tube is made from firm foam and has a slightly curved metal bar running through the centre to add structure and rigidity. There are a number of fastening rings to accommodate narrow and wide objects. The fabric used is strong and UV resistant. Store in the boot to put on your roof when needed.

Non-slip pieces underneath prevents it from shifting and damaging paint-work of the car. Ensure that the surface of your roof is clean before installing. Also always check condition of the webbing strap to ensure that it is not starting to fray.