Vagabond Dumbi kayak

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The Dumbi is an easy-to-paddle surf kayak with great performance characteristics. It is not aimed at winning surfing competitions, but rather to bring the joy of surfing waves to aspiring surf kayakers.

The hull of the Dumbi is designed for fast planing and easy carving. You can surf waves without attaching fins to it, which makes it very forgiving and easy to side surf and spin on waves. With the fins attached, you can carve harder and have a generally more aggressive ride. 

It can be intimidating for inexperienced paddlers to get through waves to the backline. For this reason, the bow of the Dumbi is designed to punch through waves with ease. Thigh straps are included to secure you into the boat. They don't tie you to the boat so if you do capsize, you'll slip out.

Unique to the Dumbi are the Sidewall Drainage Holes, which drain water from the deck in an instant when you punch through waves. This ensures a drier ride and better performance.

The Dumbi is accommodating and forgiving to novices, but also a blast of fun for experienced paddlers. We hope to see more paddlers having more fun in the surf than ever before.

The Dumbi comes with Vagabond Thigh Straps and a pair of 2" fins.

Length 270 cm 
Width 70 cm 
Height 43 cm 
Weight 24 kg 
Ideal paddler weight 50-100 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 110 kg


Kayak Classification

Kayaks under Class A, Class B and Class C have different prices.

Class A are standard retail kayaks.

Class B have the same structural quality as Class A, but with some visual blemishes. These do not affect the performance of the kayak.

Class C have the same structural quality as Class A, but with more visual blemishes than Class B.

Visual blemishes may be scuff marks, a logo that isn't quite right, a blemish in the plastic or rough patches on the surface. These do not leap out at you, but they are there.

Learn more about the Dumbi on the Vagabond Kayaks website.