Vagabond Kasai Angler kayak

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Sleek, fast and extremely stable, the Kasai Angler is a versatile single-seater, sit-on-top kayak. This is the best all-purpose fishing kayak with excellent stability and performance.

Although the Kasai Angler is forgiving and is suited to the casual, recreational paddler, those with more experience will appreciate its responsiveness. Its hull is designed to glide, track and to change direction with only a few paddle strokes.

The Kasai Angler boasts all of the standard Vagabond features including their distinctive paddle cutaways, cliprings, custom-designed handles, adjustable footrests, sizeable tankwell with crate-holding indents, a bottle rest, and a paddle rest. The Kasai Angler has two 8" hatches that access the hull to store gear and it also as a moulded-in Day Hatch. This bucket-like compartment is perfect for quick access items like sunblock, binoculars and your phone.

The Kasai Angler is well matched to the smaller Tarka Angler as a great 'his & hers' combo. The Kasai Angler has a large tankwell and excellent load carrying. 

This angler version of the Kasai has two flush-mounted rod holders, two deck rails and an anchor trolley.

Length 400 cm 
Width 75 cm 
Height 40 cm 
Weight 30 kg 
Ideal paddler weight 65-110 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 150 kg 

Kayak Classification

Kayaks under Class A, Class B and Class C have different prices.

Class A are standard retail kayaks.

Class B have the same structural quality as Class A, but with some visual blemishes. These do not affect the performance of the kayak.

Class C have the same structural quality as Class A, but with more visual blemishes than Class B.

Visual blemishes may be scuff marks, a logo that isn't quite right, a blemish in the plastic or rough patches on the surface. These do not leap out at you, but they are there.

Learn more about the Kasai Angler on the Vagabond Kayaks website.