Vagabond Kwando kayak

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The Kwando is designed for children, but it is definitely not just a floating toy. With this kayak, children can cut their teeth on flatwater and easy rivers by learning basic paddle strokes and skills. Ideal for children's canoe polo too. It has the performance and the features of an adult kayak – just packaged in a size that a child can physically manage. Parents will enjoy paddling outings with their children.

Key features include paddle cutaways, bottle holder, paddle rest, tankwell with bungee cord to secure kit, stand-up platform, sculpted seat, cliprings to attach thigh straps, Multifit fittings around the tankwell, handles at the front, back and sides, and a hatch to stow gear.

Children will develop a passion for paddling as this kayak has been designed to suit their needs. The Kwando is easy to keep moving in a straight line, quick to respond to turning strokes and a pleasure to paddle.

This kayak is perfect for children aged from 4 to 12 (approx. 45kg). This kayak is so strong and robust that your child will outgrow it, making the Kwando your family's most coveted hand-me-down.


Length 240 cm 
Width 60 cm 
Height 30 cm 
Weight 13 kg 
Ideal paddler weight 15-45 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 50 kg 


Kayak Classification

Kayaks under Class A, Class B and Class C have different prices.

Class A are standard retail kayaks.

Class B have the same structural quality as Class A, but with some visual blemishes. These do not affect the performance of the kayak.

Class C have the same structural quality as Class A, but with more visual blemishes than Class B.

Visual blemishes may be scuff marks, a logo that isn't quite right, a blemish in the plastic or rough patches on the surface. These do not leap out at you, but they are there.

Learn more about the Kwando on the Vagabond Kayaks website.