Vagabond Marimba Angler kayak

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The Marimba Angler, like its standard version, is not a racing kayak. But, as far as recreational sit-on-tops go, is is probably the fastest on the market. This kayaks is made to be fast, stable, and easy to paddle, which makes it suited to paddling for fitness training, long distances and multi-day expeditions. 

Apart from being fast, it is also very stable. The hull is designed to handle ocean swell, open water crossings and also moving water. Even when you get tired and your technique sloppy, you can be sure that your stability won’t be compromised.

The deck is typical of all Vagabond’s sit-on-tops. It has a really comfortable seat and the feet are positioned lower than the bum, making it easy to sit in it for hours. It has the full range of features and fittings that you find on most of their sit-on-tops, like three 8” Hatches (one is a Day Hatch), A sizeable tankwell, loads of Multifits and bungee cords, a paddle rest, bottle holder, six handles, scupper venturis and an adjustable, sturdy footrest.

Paddle cutaways on the deck, combined with the narrower hull, results in a very natural paddling stroke. If you are a racing paddler used to a wing paddle, this is a rec kayak that absolutely allows proper wing paddling technique.

The Marimba Angler has two flush-mounted rod holders, two deck rails and an anchor trolley.

Length 452 cm 
Width 67 cm 
Height 40 cm 
Weight 30 kg 
Ideal paddler weight 60-110 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 150 kg