Vagabond Tarka kayak

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At 11-feet / almost three-and-a-half metres in length and with enough width to ensure stability on the sea and on choppy waters, the Tarka is a versatile kayak. The Tarka is loaded with features to ensure performance and comfort – everything you need from a high-performance, recreational kayak.

The Tarka has two watertight 8″ Screw Hatches and a large rear Tankwell to store and protect gear for overnight adventures. Multifits and bungee cord on the bow deck add additional storage space for lighter items.

For hours spent out on the water, the Tarka offers comfort. The smooth surface of our Sculpted Seat is shaped and angled to support your rear and reduce pressure on the back of your thighs. This is further improved by the position of the footwell, which lies slightly lower than the seat. 

Of course, the Tarka also features Vagabond's distinctive paddle cutaways as well as scupper venturis, adjustable footrests, a paddle rest, bottle holder and cliprings.

This is a great kayak for teens and smaller sized adults (ideal for women and paddlers <90kg), and it is a perfect ‘next kayak’ for older children who have outgrown the Kwando. The Tarka together with the larger Kasai make a great 'his & hers' pair.

The Tarka comes as a Standard or Angler version. 

Length 340 cm 
Width 72 cm 
Height 41 cm 
Weight 24 kg 
Ideal paddler weight 50-80 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 110 kg 


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