Vagabond Tsomo kayak

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Designed for stability and comfort, the Tsomo's compact length makes it convenient to transport on the roof racks of a sedan or on the back of a bakkie. It is also easy to store if storage space is a concern. Naturally, the smaller size and lighter weight make it easy to carry around.

The Tsomo is alert, playful and responsive. It turns on a dime, cruises on flatwater and is a pleasure to paddle. It is not designed to win any races, but it has plenty of speed and glide for such a short sit-on-top. Its width aids stability – a welcome feature when the wind whips up the water. The Tsomo is great for anglers and bird watchers.

Key features include a large tankwell with crate-holding indents, Multifit fittings and bungee cord around the tankwell, cliprings to attach thigh straps, bottle holder, paddle rest, stand-up platform, sculpted seat, adjustable footrests and a front hatch. There are handles at the front and rear as well as two handles on each side to carry this kayak using a double-handed grip. Paddle cutaways enable an ergonomic stroke and make this kayak feel a lot narrower than it is. Should a wave dump water onto the deck, scupper venturis will quickly drain the water as you paddle.

The Tsomo comes as a Standard or Angler version. 


Length 275 cm 
Width 80 cm 
Height 38 cm 
Weight 22 kg
Ideal paddler weight 40-95 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 120 kg


Kayak Classification

Kayaks under Class A, Class B and Class C have different prices.

Class A are standard retail kayaks.

Class B have the same structural quality as Class A, but with some visual blemishes. These do not affect the performance of the kayak.

Class C have the same structural quality as Class A, but with more visual blemishes than Class B.

Visual blemishes may be scuff marks, a logo that isn't quite right, a blemish in the plastic or rough patches on the surface. These do not leap out at you, but they are there.

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