Vagabond Vubu kayak

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Paddlers will find the Vubu to be an incredibly nimble boat allowing them to make precision moves, easily turning and pivoting through complex rapids to hit their lines.  At the same time, the boat is fast and tracks well through flat water and is able to transition through eddy lines and funny water without spinning out – necessary qualities in challenging waters.

This is an aggressively performing boat with confidence-boosting stability so you can charge hard into rapids without worrying about catching edges and flipping. If you do capsize, the Vubu rolls easily, but with the secondary stability in this hull design you may find yourself having more dry-hair days on the river and needing to find other ways to cool off.

The Vubu, like kayakers, loves to boof, and will launch on steeps and waterfalls with a well-timed stroke. For those times when you pull your stroke early, late, or not hard enough, the peaked front and back decks help the boat resurface fast and shoot forward, propelling you out of holes. The stern’s squared-off design also ensures that you won’t have any unintentional stern-taps while boofing.

The Vubu is the perfect creekboat for a whitewater kayaker’s arsenal, whether you are new to the sport, an expert pushing the limits or a seasoned paddler. You will find the perfect combination of agility and stability in this design.

Length 272 cm 
Width 68 cm 
Height 42 cm 
Weight 22 kg 
Ideal paddler weight 65-105 kg 
Max. carrying capacity 115 kg 
Cockpit dimensions 87 x 51 cm


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