X-Treme Doggy Life Jacket

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If you plan to spend time in or on the water with your canine companion, a dog life jacket is a recommended investment.

Dogs can be caught by surprise, falling into the water unexpectedly. Rough water, bad weather conditions, fatigue, and distractions can all affect your dog. Even natural water dogs - like Jack Russells, spaniels and retrievers - can panic.

Dogs that are good swimmers and are used to swimming may get tired, have difficulty staying afloat and they could struggle to keep their heads above water. 

And then there are breeds that are just not suited to swimming - like bulldogs. And older dogs or overweight dogs can have trouble swimming. A dog life jacket will keep them afloat and allow them to enjoy being in the water.

X-Treme's doggy PFDs tick the boxes for the four key features essential in a doggy life jacket: a strong, secure handle, a D-ring to attach a lead, visible colour (red), and a reflective strip.

This doggy life jacket clips around the neck and has two broad body straps that go under the chest and belly. The straps allow for a lot of adjustment to accommodate different sized dogs within the sizing category.

This doggy PDF comes in five sizes:

Extra Small i.e. Jack Russell, Maltese

Small i.e. Scotties

Medium i.e. Border Collies

Large i.e. Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Pointers

Extra Large i.e. Rottweilers, Mastiffs